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It doesn't matter if you use a Digital Compact camera or a Digital Single Lens Reflex camera. The photography  
tips and tutorials on this site can be useful to beginners through advanced photographers. They will help you
understand basic photography principles in easy to understand language. Start with the Basics of Photography
1, 2, and 3 listed below or just browse the tutorials for a subject that you are interested in.
Digital Photography Tutorials
Learn or brush up on various basic photography subjects. Topics include  camera shooting modes, how to obtain
correct exposures, using various shutter speeds and aperture settings, as well as explaining white balance and
different types of camera lenses.

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Photography Tutorials
Night Photography-Taking Night Shots
Don't be afraid to venture out after sundown to get some great night shots.
You don't have to be a professional to take stunning night shots. A Camera,
a Tripod, and some basic knowledge of camera exposure settings are all you
really need to get started.

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Night Photography
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What is ISO?... and how to use it
Your ISO setting is part of the exposure triangle. We all like to change the
shutter speed and aperture setting to obtain the correct exposure. However, in
many tricky lighting situations, your ISO setting could be your best friend.

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What is ISO?
Flower Photography
Flowers are one of the most popular photography subjects. It seems that they
are just sitting there in all their beauty waiting to be photographed. Sometimes it
is easy to get a great shot of a flower. Then there are times it can be somewhat

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How to Photograph Flowers
Black and White Photography
Black and White photography might be old way of taking pictures, but it is new
to most of todays photographers. Learn the differences between shooting  
black and white rather than color. It is not difficult and your results might give
you some shots to brag about.

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Black and White Photography
Try Using Your Camera's "P" Program Mode
Just because you have a camera that has manual setting functions doesn't
mean you have to fumble with them all the time. The P mode allows you to
retain control over all camera functions, but the Shutter Speed and Aperture
settings will be taken care of by the camera.

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Program Mode
    Basic Photography 1-The Camera
    Simple explanation of how a camera works and the main parts of a camera. Knowing the functions of the
    camera and what is happening when you press the shutter will help you make better decisions when taking

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    Basic Photography 2-Camera Exposure and Settings
    Learn how the camera lens aperture, the camera shutter, and the ISO setting work together to help you get
    properly exposed pictures. Learning about camera exposure settings is one of the most important basics of

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    Basic Photography 3-Photography and Natural Light
    Depending of the type of natural light outdoors when you are taking pictures, your images may have a cool
    tone or maybe a warm tone. Even the time of day you take pictures will have an effect on the overall look of
    your images.

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What is a 35mm Equivalent Focal Length?
Digital camera lenses have a 35mm equivalent focal length. If you have been
wondering what that means, check this tutorial and you will understand why
there even has to be a 35mm equivalent focal length.

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35mm Equivalent